Designed with a care facility in mind, the Wren is designed to enhance senior living while assisting caregivers. The Wren has a suite of sensing capabilities to measure atmospheric conditions. The units detect events such as temperature, humidity, gaseous, and motion. The discreet units monitor the environment in patients’ rooms to then in turn send the data through the system to eventually notify caregivers nearly instantly the moment the event takes place.


Peace of mind for caregivers and family alike. With 35% of nursing facility residents having some form of incontinence and 16% having had one or more falls since their admission, monitoring and notification is key. The Wren units are wirelessly connected to a central device housed inside the facility where the data is then transmitted, analyzed, and appropriate notifications are sent. This system handles information from facilities housing anywhere from 10 to over 500 rooms.


The Wren Technology system includes a fully integrated dashboard. Users have the ability to setup the features for each unit and keep track of the data created by each one. Powered by cloud-based software, and relayed directly from a unit placed in your facility, the Wren Technology dashboard seamlessly monitors environments and translates that data into usable information – in real time. From displaying data from all of the sensors, to arguably the mos important feature of sending out notification as events take place in each environment, this dashboard controls it all.