It all starts with an idea.

The unknown, paired with the quest for peace of mind, often fuels the best ideas. The true problem that our product addresses is the lack of information. Currently the only way to know for sure that a fecal or other important event has taken place in a clinical setting is for someone to physically evaluate the situation. The time delay between event and action can lead to many serious situations, including skin irritation, unpleasant odors, and less than sanitary conditions. Wren Technology can determine through specific and recognizable gas profiles when an “event” has taken place and can notify the proper people within seconds.


Making that idea real.

Infusion Design came aboard to bring the idea of Wren Technology to life. The clever minds at Infusion developed the precise algorithms and the internal software program to sense and collect data, while simultaneously developing the physical design of the Wren units and user interface to the accompanying dashboard.


The technology begins to take shape.

Behind the scenes the Wren Technology team has developed a revolutionary method of sensing atmospheric conditions and translating that data into usable information for users. The program seamlessly interprets the atmospheric data in real time and sends out applicable notifications as events take place all while keeping patient details safe and secure.


Billions of data points collected.

From its inception, the Wren Technology units have collected and interpreted billions of data points. Utilizing the power and efficiency of the cloud, this data can be collected, translated and delivered to users virtually anywhere in the world. This new way of sensing and data management allows the Wren Technology units to continually improve, increasing accuracy.


As co-founder and Managing Partner of Sensor Tech, Brad brings his sales wisdom and expertise to the table. Armed with his unique background and the initial idea, Brad has brought together a world class team of advisers, engineers, and designers that make up Wren Technology.


The big idea and team development

While spending his time as CEO of the tech company Source Inc., Ray lends his services as a Technical Adviser. With his deep roots in business and strategic leadership, Ray was an integral part in getting Wren Technology off the ground.


Business and strategic leadership

Infusion Design brings a team of industrial, graphic, and technology designers to the party. Infusion has a history that includes bringing products to life and proving that the impossible is possible.


Design and technology integration


We are housed in the cloud. But occasionally touch down in Kansas City.